photo: Janine Bruegmann

She looks at me. "Don't see this every day. Clear skies in L.A." It's true. The day is warm, bordering on hot, but lacks the usual hazy smog blanket one normally sees in August. In fact, the sky is so clear, the San Gabriel Mountains look as if they're within arms reach. 
After the initial get-to-know-the-new-guy sniffing (no butt sniffing allowed), Camilla and Bonita wave the "kids" outside to the backyard. Much like their characters Lucy and Xochitl, the dynamic duo wrangle the pooches and get them settled before we sit down to discuss their much-anticipated novel The Werewolf Whisperer. 
Their world begins not with a whimper but a howl...

Or, at least, that's how I’m greeted when I arrive at the Ochlan home — a Spanish style house in the hills, overlooking the San Fernando Valley.  A pack of three — two large canines (Zuzu and Lamby — Camilla's) and one tiny black pug (Loki — Bonita's) — bark and howl and wag their tails when Camilla opens the door.

Camilla Ochlan
Bonita Gutierrez

the authors

So, how and when did you two meet?
Camilla offers me a cup of coffee while Bonita pops open a can of Coke Zero (her drug of choice since her mother-in-law got her hooked on the stuff). Camilla sips her coffee and strokes the head of the serene Zuzu who has flopped halfway onto Camilla's lap. Loki and Lamby choose to lounge underneath the patio table, relaxing in the shade it offers. Bonita crosses her legs and looks out over the view of the Valley.